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Past Environmental Projects.
Environmental Impact Assessments (E.I.A.)

Indiflora cc has over the last 9 years been able to provide valuable service in the environmental field on a wide range of projects across KwaZulu-Natal. Quality of service, detailed reports and expert knowledge has brought satisfied clients back for repeated involvement on new projects.

We have carried out EIA Scoping Reports for the following:

EIA 6659: Zinkwazi Lagoon Lodge and Forest Estate

EIA 6684: Cato Ridge Industrial Estate

NB43, 22 kV Interconnector on the Makhatini Flats from Jozini (Makhatini Sub-station) to Ephondweni for Eskom Easter Distribution.

22 kV Distribution line to Bheka Bantu clinic outside Ndumu for Eskom Eastern Distribution.

22 kV Distribution line to Ceswana and Ophansi Clinic, Lower Mkuzi for Eskom Eastern Distribution.

22 kV line to Manyeseni, Ekuhlehleni and Nkungwini clinics ontop of the Lebombo Mountains for Eskom Eastern Distribution.

22kV line to Sodwana National Park

132kV and 22 kV line at Nonduboya

22 kV line to Mashabane Tribal Court

Stoneford Estate, Assagay

Conducted the complete EIA for the establishment of the Phe-Zulu Game Estate in the Valley of a Thousand Hills

Mtuba Ridge

Fourth preliminary layout 2011, amended and reflecting the extended wetland buffers.
The proposed mixed-use development on remainder of portion 6 and portion 7 of the farm lot 56 Umfolozi 13319.
Draft Sevices Agreement Mtubatuba Municipality.
Mhlatuze letter reference water services.
Mtuba Ridge Proposed development phases 040913.
Services agreement.

Emeraldine Poultry Farm - BA.

Contextual locality map
Emeraldene Locality Plan
App B Site Photographs Emeraldene
App B Site Photographs Mac Cork
Emeraldene Photo locations
MacCorkindales Photo Locations
Emeraldene Facility Illustration
Feed Mill photo
Macork Facility Illustration
2008-03-14 Geohydro Report
Emeraldene SP 7512-16 Veterinary Report
WSP Health Report Emeraldene 181207
WSP Noise Report Emeraldene
1 Cllr Heenan Meeting request
10 S Armour BID response
11 A & M Fischer
12 Zinkwazi Beach Ward Committee BID response
13 Nat Dept Agric Health
14 Thys Sabbagha
15 Rigby Heenan Quest Resp
16 Mina Fischer 2nd

17 Jeremy Thomas Quest Resp
18 WESSA BID comment
19 Nat Dept Agric Health
2 Jeremy Thomas Frances
3 Roland Marxer
4 Malcolm Stewart
5 Gavin Strydom
6 Jaap du Preez
8 Bannister BID comment
9 Maritz
Emeraldene ISSUES AND RESPONSE REPORT Draft BA 20080508164250
Borehole licence App DWAf Ackn
Emeraldene CEMP Draft1 BA
Emeraldene EKZNW C-plan
Emeraldene OEMP Draft BA
DWAF Borehole Ackn.tif
DC29 0041 07 Emeraldene Poultry Draft BA
Emeraldene Report Cover

@ The Greenz - BA

Background Information Document - The Greens
Application notice - The Greenz
Layout revision E
Letter of objection
Objection Notice

26 South Beach Road, Umdloti - BA.

Farm Berrel - EIA

Fairways Office & Industrial Park Sewage Works - EIA

19149 rev. Fairways, Waterfall - 01.11.07
Attendence Register
CAD 19149 Data
974 Fairways Report
Adobe Photoshop Album Starter Edition 3
D1422 W 40PL 02_Rev2_diagram of sewage
EKZNW comments
Electricity department
Envirowest comments
Geotech sheets
Letter from EKZNW_4Feb08
Metro BID comments
Metro DSR comments
Metro electricity comments
BID for Fairways Dev
Comments received
Construction EMP
Copy of Emails from I&APs
Letter from Carolyn Schwegman on BI

Letter from Peter Holton_30Jan08
Letter to IAPs revised_Fairways_14J
Letter to IAPs_Fairways_22Jan08
Minutes of first public meeting
Minutes of second public meeting
D 1422 fairways - DJN process for STP
D 1422 Fairways application new guideline
D 1422 Fairways GL8 APPL
Draft SCOPING REPORT for Proposed Sewage Tr
GIS photo of Fairways development
Letter to IAPs_Fairways_9 May 2008
Letter to Stakeholders
Operational EMP
Mrs Milne comments
S Allan comments 1
S Allan comments 2
S Allan comments 3
WESSA comments - BAR Fairways Office-Industrial Park Sewerage
Letter to IAPs_Fairways
D 1422 fairways report on sewage

Lake Bhangazi Golf Estate - EIA

Palmiet Estate

AMAFA Comments
Palmiet Estate d
Draft Basic Assessment Report - pdf
Draft Basic Assessment Report - doc
Paruk Delin Title Page
Facility illustrations
Photo Page
Proposed Layout
Wetland Delineation Report

Dovehouse Road

14 Dovehouse Road Layout
Aerial Photo
Dovehouse Photo Report
Dovehouse Road EMP
Dovehouse Road Engineering
Dovehouse Road Iand AP
Dovehouse Road Geotechnical Report
Location map
Newspaper Advert
SG Diagram
Acknowledgement Johan Bodenstein
Background Info Dovehouse Road
Dovehouse Road Attendance Register
Dovehouse Road Draft
Dovehouse Road Facility Illustrations
Dovehouse Road Figure 1 A3
Letter Councillor
Minutes Public Meeting 14-10
Photo Gallery
Site Notice

Tulele Housing Development

Draft Scoping Report Part 1
Part 2 Appendix B and C
Part 3 Appendix D Specialist Report
Part 4 Appendix E
Part 5 Appendix A Site Plans

Environmental Evaluations

We have conducted vegetation and related environmental evaluations in the following places:

Gonubie - East London through Mr G Nicolson for Africon for a housing development.

Bulwer through Mr G Nicolson for Bulwer Council for low cost housing.

Peace Cottage through Mr G Nicolson for Scott Wilson and Associates for exclusive housing.

Kwadabeka through Terraplan for Outer West Durban Metro for low cost housing.

Tinley Manor through Mr G Nicolson for low cost housing.

Welbedacht through Mr G Nicolson for low cost housing.

Natal Sharks Board, Ballito through Mr G Nicolson (Guy Nicolson Consulting.

Ballito Bay through Mr G Nicolson (Guy Nicolson Consulting), Mr Simon Bundy (SBD), Dolphin Coast Municipality for housing developments in Ballito.

Eskom: distribution lines in Mid-Illovo.

Eskom: damage to indigenous forests in Howick, Dargle and Stanger.

Sivest: for rural, district road construction in Kranskop.

Bedford Road Housing Development for Intavest

Eskom: Pontus sub-station and line

Eskom: Idwala carbonates - Umzimkhulu

Numerous urban development sites in and around Durban

Numerous tree identification projects across KZN

Environmental Rehabilitation

We have conducted a dune rehabilitation project for the Southbroom Interim Local Government in 1999 on the property of of Mr J Potgieter in Trafalgar.

Have conducted dune rehabilitation at Sheffield Beach on request of the Dolphin Coast Local Government on the property of Mr Morris.

Eskom: St Lucia replacement of distribution cables in town.
Eskom: Zaaifontien

Environmental Consulting Projects

Was co-operative to the publication of the Guidelines for Landscaping Design, Documentation and Procedures in Development Applications on request of the Natal Town and Regional Planning commission.

Environmental specialist (Ecology) for Procon Environmental Technologies on the EIA for the 400 kV Transmission line from Pegasus to Umfolozi.

Co-ordinating a tree clearing operation for Eskom in Alverston, Cliffdale and Drummond. Environmental planning and management, wildlife planning and landscape design and management at Simbithi Eco-Estate.

Environmental Planning and Management at Langford Country Estate.

Environmental planning and management for wildlife at Honey Eco-Estate.

Environmental planning and management for wildlife at Hibberdene Game Estate

Environmental planning and management for wildlife at a private game farm Umhlali

Environmental and Landscaping for Beverley Estate - Ballito

Environmental and Landscaping for Highmead Country Estate - Assagay

Ecological Assessments

Eskom: 400kV line from Pegasus - Athene

Eskom: 400 kV sub-station at Braamhoek

Eskom: 400 kV line from Braamhoek to Venus

Eskom: 765kV line Amajuba - Umfolozi

Eskom: 765kV line Umfolozi - Empangeni

Nemai Consulting - Mhlabatshane Dam

iSineke Consulting - Eskom 132kV Corinth and Kenterton

SRK Consulting - Eskom 132kV Makatini, Mangusi, Mbazw and Ndumu

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