Environmental Landscaping Specialist

Environmental Landscaping Specialist

Indiflora cc specialises in the preparation of rehabilitative, natural, indigenous or ornamental, exotic landscape plans. We also specialise in project management of the implementation of landscape plans in association with acknowledged landscape contractors, with knowledge and experience of the physical nature and requirements of such work. Future expansion may include a contractor executing plans.

Landscape Projects include the following:


A block of upmarket flats at Trafalgar for Robeth Projects.
A rural clinic at Embo, southern Midlands near Eston, and the establishment of communal vegetable gardens and fruit orchard.
Builder's Way Centre - commercial landscape design Langford Country Estate - Inframax
Portofino Margate - Inframax
Gate 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 of Simbithi Eco-Estate
Community centres 1 and 2 Simbithi Eco-Estate
Clubhouse Simbithi Eco-Estate
Show House Simbithi Eco-Estate
Competition House Simbithi Eco-Estate
Tamboti Simbithi Eco-Estate
Illanga - Simbithi Eco-Estate
Ezulweni - Simbithi Eco-Estate
Emoyeni - Simbithi Eco-Estate
Acutts Drive 101, Hillcrest.

Private residences at:

3 Rock Haven, Cowies Hill

307 Gray Park Inn Road, Bluff

10 Archbell Road, Glenmore

33 Minerva Drive, Gillits

36 Haygarth Road, Kloof

38 Cunningham Road, Kloof

House G Taylor - Erf 30 Simbithi-Eco Estate

House Barnard - Erf 215 Simbithi Eco-Estate

House Roodt - Erf 306 Simbithi Eco-Estate

House Hoffman - Erf Simbithi Eco-Estate

House P Taylor - Erf simbithi Eco-Estate

House Butler - Erf 133 Simbithi Eco-Estate

House Wolfaart - Langford Estate

House Freese - Langford Estate

House Ramdas - Langford Estate

House Murray - Langford Estate

House Kocur - Langford Estate

House Brightman - Langford Estate

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Environmental Landscaping Specialist.